The Computing Community Consortium
at the
CRA Conference at Snowbird 2008

The Computing Community Consortium was featured as the closing plenary session of the Computing Research Association's Conference at Snowbird 2008, a semi-annual meeting of the heads of CRA's 200+ member units.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm PLENARY SESSION IV
Computing Community Consortium

Chair and Speaker:
  • Ed Lazowska (University of Washington)


  • Randy Bryant (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Chip Elliott (BBN)
  • Susan Graham (UC Berkeley)
  • Richard Ladner (University of Washington)


    In this plenary we will discuss CCC, NetSE, and GENI.

    CCC -- The Computing Community Consortium -- is a CRA-organized initiative that supports the computing research community in creating compelling research visions and the mechanisms to realize these visions.

    NetSE -- Network Science & Engineering -- is one such vision. In short, our networks, broadly interpreted, have evolved to be extremely complex and we do not understand them. Tackling this is a "grand challenge" for our field, for which an inclusive and compelling research agenda is currently being defined.

    GENI -- the Global Environment for Network Innovation -- is an effort to design a suite of research instruments to support some of the research opportunities in the NetSE space.

    We will also discuss other research visioning exercises that are taking place with CCC sponsorship, such as the "Big Data Computing Study Group," "Cyber-Physical Systems," "From Internet to Robotics," and "Visions for Theoretical Computer Science."

    Slides from the presentation:

    The Computing Community Consortium (Ed Lazowska and Susan Graham)
    Visions for Theoretical Computer Science (Richard Ladner)
    Data Intensive Scalable Computing (Randy Bryant)
    Network Science and Engineering (Ed Lazowska for Ellen Zegura)
    GENI (Chip Elliott)