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 Design and Construction of the Allen Center
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The Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, integrated with a recently-completed building for the Electrical Engineering Department, provides 75,000 square feet of new space for CSE plus 10,000 square feet of additional space for EE. CSE and EE will also share 30,000 square feet in Sieg Hall. CSE's total space will increase by a factor of 2.5 and its laboratory space by a factor of 3, for the first time approaching national norms for comparable programs.

LMN Architects led the design team. M.A. Mortenson Company was the general contractor. Groundbreaking took place in autumn 2001, and occupancy in autumn 2003.

During construction, a live webcam made it possible to monitor progress. Here is a time-lapse video (in Windows Media format). We also have a Quicktime version here (17MB). Still photos maybe be found here. Monthly aerial photos may be found here.

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