UWSD: UW CSE alums on the UCSD CSE faculty

Former UW CSE department chair Ed Lazowska spent 2001-02 on sabbatical at UC San Diego, where there are six UW CSE alums on the Computer Science & Engineering faculty! L-R: Stefan Savage, UW CSE Ph.D. 2002; Bill Griswold, UW CSE Ph.D. 1991; Fran Berman, UW CSE Ph.D. 1979; Ed Lazowska; Geoff "Legs" Voelker, UW CSE Ph.D. 2000; Dean Tullsen, UW CSE Ph.D. 1996; Brad Calder, UW CSE B.S. 1991.

Since this photograph was taken, Sorin Lerner (UW CSE Ph.D. 2005) and Steve Swanson (UW CSE Ph.D. 2006) have also joined the UCSD CSE faculty, as well as semi-alum Amin Vahdat (who completed his studies at UW after his advisor moved to UW from Berkeley).

Now that Yoshi Kohno (UCSD CSE Ph.D. 2006; far right in the composite photo below) has joined the UW CSE faculty, the joke is on us! (The shirts bear Yoshi's photo and the text "UCSD North -- Seattle Branch.")